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Dog Training Services

The Joy of a Trained Dog Starts at EQ Dogs

3 Ways to Build a Happy, Well-Behaved Dog


Day School

Private Lessons

Stay & Train

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Diana Bak

"If you want a dog trainer who really cares and knows what they're doing, Ryleigh is the dog trainer for you!"

Tired of Frustrating Dog Training? We Can Help!

Most dog training fails because of two things: inconsistent effort and lack of a clear plan. Just like forming a new habit yourself, your dog needs consistent practice. But without a plan, how can you be consistent? And basic obedience alone might not address the specific problems you face.

Here at EQ Dogs, we believe in sustainable behavioral change. This means creating a personalized plan with you, focusing on clear goals and milestones. We prioritize heavy reinforcement and consistent practice in various scenarios, ensuring the new behaviors truly stick.

Getting Started Is Easy


Schedule Your Free Phone Consultation

Our free discovery call is the first step! We'll discuss your ideal relationship with your dog and explore how EQ Dogs can create a personalized training plan to achieve it.


Enroll & Onboard

We'll guide you through enrollment, scheduling, and prep you for your pup's training journey with helpful resources.

As you follow your personalized training plan, witness the incredible transformation in your dog's behavior and your relationship with them.


Here Comes Transformation!


Board and Train Reimagined

Think dog training can't get any easier?  Think again! Our Stay & Train program offers an immersive learning experience for your dog in a comfortable, familiar setting – your trainer's home!


Every package includes:

  • Go-Home Lesson: Before your furry friend returns, you'll receive a comprehensive lesson on maintaining their newfound skills.

  • Ongoing Support: We offer 2 follow-up lessons (virtual or in-person) and lifetime access to our online community for continuous support.


  • This program builds a solid foundation for puppies, teaching them basic commands, polite behavior, appropriate play, and social interaction. They'll learn to focus amidst distractions and become well-adjusted adult dogs.

  • 4 week program


  • This program refines obedience (heeling, down in motion) and adds off-leash training via e-collar for all dogs. It includes public outings, distraction training, treadmill exercise, and builds on prior skills. (Includes previous program skills)

  • 8 week program



  • This elite program takes your dog to the next level, refining off-leash obedience, real-world proofing in various environments, and achieving specific training goals (dog sports, advanced leash walking). It includes prior program skills and culminates in an EQ PhD Obedience Test & Certificate and AKC Canine Good Citizen certification.

  • 12 week program




What is Day School?

Day School is a structured training program, ideal for busy households or students, where your dog spends the day with a professional trainer. It's more than just daycare - your dog will be actively learning new skills, just like our own dogs!


What's included:

  • Personalized Training Plan: We assess your dog's behavior and discuss your goals to create a customized plan.

  • Supervised Training & Play: Trainers oversee all activities, keeping playgroups small and matched for compatible play styles.

  • Mental & Physical Stimulation: Day School offers enrichment activities like scenting games, treadmill walks, and training challenges.

  • Rest & Relaxation: Rotating between play, rest, and training promotes self-regulation and healthy social habits.

  • Weekly Progress Updates: Learn how to maintain your dog's progress at home with trainer guidance.

Who this program is for:

  • Busy professionals

  • Students

  • Anyone who wants a well-trained dog and wants to keep them busy throughout the day


Who this program is for:

  • Dog sport enthusiasts

  • Training progress check-ins

  • Busy schedules

  • Addressing specific behavior issues

  • Practicing skills in real-world environments

  • Dogs with environmental sensitivities


Get the Training You Need, How You Need It

Whether you have specific challenges to address or simply want expert guidance, EQ Dogs offers personalized training solutions to fit your lifestyle. Choose from in-person lessons for targeted solutions in real-world environments, or opt for the convenience of virtual training via live video.

In-Person / Targeted Solutions for Real-World Problems:

  • Targeted Training: Focus on challenges like barking at delivery drivers, jumping on guests, or leash pulling, where a class setting may not translate fully.

  • Environment Management: Learn how to manage your dog's surroundings to reduce unwanted behaviors and create opportunities for success.

  • Habit Replacement: Establish new, positive habits that replace undesired behaviors for lasting change.

Virtual / Convenience Meets Expertise

  • Dog Sports & Check-Ins: Conveniently connect with your trainer for competition coaching or training progress updates.

  • Live Video Instruction: Watch demonstrations of training exercises in real-time, no matter your location.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Early bird or night owl? We cater to your schedule with virtual options.

  • Reduced In-Person Contact: A perfect option for minimizing physical interaction while receiving expert training.


Get expert guidance and customize your dog's training journey with a free phone consultation.

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