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Dog Training Solutions Designed to Fit Your Busy Life; Stay & Train, Day School & Private Lessons

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We've been where you are right now:
​looking for a dog trainer and ​finally finding one.

We know, because we looked high and low for a place that combines learning with kindness, and kindness with real observable results. With EQ dogs you can confidently raise your new puppy, prepare for your next obedience trial, or finally enjoy your morning walk ​without the typical barriers that can make learning something new an intimidating task. We know you need accessible dog training that makes sense, ​so we made it ourselves.

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Hannah Warner

"I don't have an easy dog, but Ryleigh has been nothing but incredibly supportive and helpful throughout myself and my dog's journey, and was someone I could count on for truly helpful advice every step of the way. I've learned more from Ryleigh about dog training and could not be more thankful for all the training advice. I truly cannot overstate all the ways she has helped me with my dog."

Train Your Way:
Choose From Stay & Train, Day School, or Private Lessons

We know you want a well-behaved, happy dog. But generic training methods can be confusing and frustrating. EQ Dogs eliminates the guesswork with customized plans that target your specific goals, from basic obedience to advanced tricks. Every exercise has a clear purpose and practical application, ensuring your time is well-spent.


Day School

Want a stress-free day for your dog with professional training? Our Day School offers a calm, supervised environment where your pup will learn to play nicely, rest comfortably, and socialize with like-minded friends.

Private Lessons

Does your dog struggle with specific behaviors at home or on walks that group classes can't address? Our In-Person Private Lessons bring expert training directly to you, tackling problems in the real-life environments where they occur.

Stay & Train

Busy schedule? Want your dog exceptionally trained? Our Stay & Train program offers in-home living with a trainer, immersive training, and weekly updates.


 Our most popular service.


Meet Owner & Head Trainer, Ryleigh

A graduate of The Tom Rose School, member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, student of the Karen Pryor Academy, and repeat student at The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, Ryleigh brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you and your dog thrive.



Get expert guidance and customize your dog's training journey with a free phone consultation.

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